Power+Plus is the newest line of performance intake manifolds available. As a result, they have been able to incorporate many new features in their manifolds not found in competitive models. Some of today's most popular manifolds were designed 30 years ago and the makers have never bothered to update the tooling to include many of the new features desired by performance enthusiasts. PP engineered those features into their manifolds.


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Dual Distributor Holddowns

Sometimes the standard single distributor holddown is difficult to access. So PP have provided dual distributor holddowns on all Power+Plus Chevy intake manifolds, which gives you an optional position.  And on our 52030 and 52031 Racing Manifold, you can use two holddowns for extra protection against distributor rotation.


Nitrous Bosses

If you want to run nitrous with the injectors mounted directly in the ports, Power+Plus Manifolds provide a simple solution. Many of the manifolds include cast-in nitrous bosses which provide the extra thickness not found in most competitive manifolds without spending a lot more money. This extra thickness is necessary to provide the proper amount of thread engagement All you have to do is drill and tap the bosses to accept any manufacturer's nitrous injectors.


Water Divider Baffle

The Power+Plus #52030152031 Manifold is designed for both racing and street applications. It has all the necessary bosses and tapped holes to accommodate street accessories yet it also includes every feature found in manifolds costing hundreds more. One trick feature is the Water Divider Baffle. Expensive race manifolds have this baffle cast in place in the manifold but this precludes the use of a thermostat if you want to use one. The Power+Plus Manifold is machined for a thermostat but the package also includes a drop-in Water Divider Baffle for those who desire this feature.

Carburetor Adapter Plate

Many Chevy manifolds accept the stock Rochester Quadra-Jet spread-bore carb. But if you want to use one of the popular Holley or Edelbrock square bore carbs, you have to spend more bucks for a carb adapter plate. Power+Plus manifolds with spread- bore patterns include steel adapter plates and gaskets to accept square bore carbs. Included with manifold.


Four Corner Water Ports

All of our performance manifolds feature two extra water ports at the rear of the manifold, a feature normally only found in manifolds costing hundreds more. Some enthusiasts have found that plumbing a line between these two rear ports can reduce engine over- heating. Many racers also find these ports to be an advantageous special feature for plumbing special additional water lines.


Special Manifold Adapters

All Power+Plus Street and High Performance Street Manifolds for small block Chevys come with special adapters that allow these manifolds to fit the '87-'95 cast iron heads. If you have '86 or earlier heads, or '87-'95 aluminum heads, PP manifolds bolt right on without the adapters. For '87-'95 cast iron heads, drop the adapters in the four slotted holes and bolt up the manifold with no fuss and no special tools required.

Manifold Service Items
Adapter Bushings to fit late model
'87 - '95 heads* (set of 4) 52110
Adapter Plate** and gasket to adapt
Square bore carb to spread bore manifold 52111
Water Divider Baffle for 52030/52031*** 52210
* Can be used with 52000, 52020, 52001, 52020, 52021, 52030, and 52031, and is included with all manifolds except 52030 and 52031.
** Included with 52000, 52001, 52006, 52007, 53000 and 53001.
*** Can be used with other brand manifolds with simple modification. #52210 included with 52030/52031.

Manifold Manufacturing Processes

All Power+Plus Manifolds are cast in high pressure steel dies rather than pour-in sand molds as used by all other manifold manufacturers. This type of tooling costs two or three times what conventional sand cast patterns cost, but the finished product is worth this additional expense. And because the cores (which form the internal ports and water passages) are mounted in steel instead of sand during the casting process, there is no chance of any core shifts, which sometimes go undetected in sand castings. Core shifts can cause misalignment between the ports and the heads, or even actual air or water leakage. That is one problem you will never


have to worry about with Power+Plus. Each and every Power+Plus manifold is subjected to a very thorough pressure test that will detect any air or water leakage. We find any problems first so you don't have to go to the effort of installing your manifold only to find out that it leaks and has to be removed and returned to the manufacturer. Power+Plus Manifolds are manufactured in a modern factory which produces OE aluminum manifolds for several major Japanese and European auto makers, so you know the quality is there. That same OE level quality, can be found in every Power+Plus Intake  Manifold.



Manifold Technical Data
Note: Dimension "A" is measured from bottom machined surface of manifold to the highest portion of the carburetor flange or plenum housing.
Manifold Part No. Dim. A Dim. B Dim. C Fel-Pro Gasket
52000/52001 4.05 1.19 1.90 #1204 or #1256
52006/52007 4.25 1.18** 2.06 #1255
52008/52009 4.05 1.19 1.90 #1204 or #1256
52010/52011 4.40 1.25 2.09 #1204 or #1256
52020/52021 4.65 1.18** 2.06 #1255
52027/52028 4.65 1.18** 2.06 #1255
52030/52031 6.06 1.11* 1.80* #1205 or #1206
52032/52033 6.06 1.18** 2.06 #1255
53000/53001 4.85 1.82 2.05 #1210 or #1212
53034/53035 6.16 1.69 2.31 #1211 or #1275
54000/54001 4.12 1.06 1.87 #1250
54020/54021 11.05 1.06 1.87 #1250
54022/54023 5.12 1.06 1.87 #1250
54025/54026 4.12 1.06 1.87 #1250
54126/54127 5.62 1.06 1.87 #1250
55025/55026 5.50 1.08 2.16 #1213
* The ports on the 52030 and 52031 are purposely left smaller to allow a wide range of porting to match various head port configurations. However, the port runners themselves are much larger than the actual port opening.
** Measured at the widest area of port.
Note: 53000/53001 big block Chevy has oval ports, 52006/52007/52027/52028/52032/52033 Vortec has tapered ports.  All others are rectangular.