Pro-Series Con Rod Bolts

Engine builders around the world put their complete trust in ARP Pro-Series connecting rod bolts. Whether it’s in a 15,000plus RPM F1, 5000HP Top Fuel motor or an endurance application you can count on these forged bolts to hold it all together. Heat treated using special racks assure complete 360 degree penetration. Threads are rolled after heat treatment to provide up to 10 times longer life. Each bolt is specially designed for optimum reliability in each application.
Part Number - Pro Series Set Part Number - Pack Of 2 Application
AR200-6001   Ford 427 & most aluminium rods, w/washer,1.800U.H.L
AR200-6002 AR200-6022 Venolia, BRC alum. rod, w/washers, 1.800U.H.L
AR200-6003 AR200-6023 Manley rod #14050 & 14054, 1.800U.H.L
AR200-6004 AR200-6024 General alum. rods, w/washers, 2.000U.H.L.
AR200-6006   Manley rods, 7/16”X1.600 U.H.L.
AR200-6202 AR200-6222 Carrillo for CARR bolt, w/out washers, 1/800” U.H.L.
AR200-6203 AR200-6223 Carrillo for H-Bolt, w/washers, 1.700” U.H.L.
AR200-6205   Lentz,w/o washers, 1.725” U.H.L
AR200-6206 AR200-6226 Venolia, BRC, KB, alum rod. with washers, 2.000” U.H.L
AR200-6207   Gen. replacement steel rods, 3/8X1.500 U.H.L, 8 pcs
AR200-6208   Gen. replacement steel rods, 3/8X1.750 U.H.L., 8pcs