NASCAR Wheel Stud Kits


Unquestionably the strongest wheel stud used in NASCAR today, practically every driver's reputation rides on the reliability of ARP wheel studs. Beginning with the finest aerospace-quality materials. ARP’s unique manufacturing technology and exacting quality standards are brought into play to create the finest, most durable wheel studs known to man. Other features include precision J-form threads, exclusive nut-starter and built shape radius that all but eliminates cross threading, shot-peening, special baked on dry lube, and double magnaflux inspection.
Rated 190,000psi tensile strength
U/H Length
Thread Diam.
Part No.
Front w/o spacer 2.750” 5/8-18 AR300-7705
Front w/spacer 2.900” 5/8-18 AR300-7706
Rear w/o spacer 3.250” 5/8-18 AR300-7707
Rear w/spacer 3.400” 5/8-18 AR300-7708
Extra Long Rear 3.600” 5/8-18 AR300-7709
Wheel Stud nuts, 10 pcs   5/8-18 AR300-7801