NASCAR Pro-Series Ring Gear Bolt

Featuring specially designed 1/2 inch shank and 7/16 inch thread diameters, these ARP ring gear bolts were designed to survive in the toughest NASCAR competition. Installing an ARP ring gear bolt kit assures you the utmost reliability, even with the stresses of today’s high horsepower engines and high tech compounds. Special hardened, precision-ground washers are included where required.

Rated 190,000psi tensile strength

Application Shank Thread Part No.
Ford Ring Gear 1/2” 7/16-20 AR350-3004
It is critically important to properly tighten ring gear bolts and make sure they don’t loosen. This is especially important in drag cars with tyre shake. It is a good idea to check bolt tightness on a routine basis. If you use a locking compound, (like Loc-Tite) for best results install the ring gear first without any compound, then remove the bolts one at a time, cleaning lubricant from both the fastener and spool or differential threads, reinstalling it with the compound. Be sure and torque each bolt before going on to the next one because the Loc-Tite sets up fast. Install and torque the bolts in a crossing pattern so as to distribute the loading.