DeskTop Dyno 2000

The Desktop Dyno 2000 is a , state-of-the-art engine simulation. Build and test any 4-cycle engine on your PC! Dyno test V12s, V8s, V6s, 4-cylinders, domestics or imports. Find the best component combinations for any application. The Desktop Dyno 2000 is fun to use, accurate, and incredibly powerful. Now with turbocharging, supercharging, nitrous-oxide injection, Iterative Testing™, and much more! Order your Desktop Dyno 2000 today!

The Desktop Dyno 2000 Is Packed With Features. Check Out This Partial List:

Build And Test Any Domestic/Import Engine!

Instantly Switch Between
US & Metric Units

Find The Best Parts For
Street Or Racing

Easy Component Selections, Just Point And Click

Customizable Charts And Graphs. Print All Power Curves In Color.

View And Print Engine Pressures, Efficiencies

Iterative Testing™ Finds The Best Combinations, Automatically!

Model And Compare
Multiple Engines

Use Three Built-In
Calculators (Cam, Compression, Airflow)

Tune These Key Engine Components:

Bore And Stroke

Number Of Cylinders|

Intake & Exhaust Valves

Port Design And Mods

Cylinder Heads

Enter Flow-Bench Data

Any Induction Flow

Any Carburetor(s)

Any Injection System




Intake Manifolds

Exhaust Systems

Compression Ratios

Gasoline, Methanol, LNG, Natural Gas, More


Any Cam Timing

Any Valve Lift

Lobe Centerlines

Durations, & More!


The Desktop Dyno2000™ lets you design and build any 4-cycle engine on your PC! This state-of-the-art technology helps you find optimum component combinations for street or racing engines in just seconds.

Packed with new simulation models, the Dyno2000 allows you build an even wider range of engines (see list at left). Analyze turbochargers, centrifugal blowers, and roots superchargers. Test alternate fuels, nitrous oxide, and forced induction. And you can evaluate any cylinderhead since flow-bench data can be used in the Dyno2000

Iterative Testing: The Dyno2000 now incorporates all-new Iterative Testing™, that lets you "home in" on the best parts combination, automatically! Select any range of components and this powerful simulation will exhaustively test, analyze, and display the best results! Run hundreds, thousands, or even millions of tests! The Dyno2000 will perform all the testing, keep track of all the results, and display the best combinations for you to review. Locate the parts that produce the best torque, the highest horsepower, or offer the most usable power throughout any engine speed.

Nitrous Oxide Modeling: Nitrous-Oxide Injection can be used with gasoline to add various horsepower boosts from 0 to 400+hp. The Dyno2000 can be used to evaluate the safe levels of Nitrous flow vs. power by displaying cylinder pressures (Bmep) throughout the rpm range. Use this information to determine how a nitrous system should work before you hit the button! A must for every nitrous-oxide enthusiast.

User Interface And Features: Dyno2000 has a completely new user interface built from the ground-up for Windows95/98 or WindowsNT. Change parts simply by clicking on any component shown on screen. Nothing could be easier! Analyze engine performance using a wide range of full-color graphics. All data and graphs can be printed (and previewed) in color on any Windows printer.  You can even model several engines at once; just click on an Engine Selection Tab to focus on any engine you choose.

Graphics Displays: Select any of several ways to view and study Power, Torque, Manifold Pressure, Cylinder Pressures, and more. Auto-scaling graphs and numeric listings of vital statistics are just a mouse click away. You can graph and print "technical" engine data at each power point within the dyno test. Use this data to gain deeper insight into engine operation and efficiency. Print any graph on any Windows printer in full color.

Built-In Calculators: The Dyno2000 also includes enhanced versions of three powerful, built-in calculators: The Cam Math Calculator, The Compression-Ratio Calculator, and The Air Flow Calculator. Each of these easy-to-use dialogs let easily convert and manipulate cam specs, cylinder head flow-bench data, and even determine the effects of changes to combustion-chamber volume, dome heights, gasket thicknesses, and more. Never before has so much dyno simulation power been available for such a reasonable price.

Technical Capabilities: Here's how the Dyno2000 works: The simulation calculates the gas dynamic, thermodynamic, and frictional physics of virtually any 4-cycle internal-combustion engine. Horsepower is determined from an analysis and integration of cylinder pressures from 2000 to 11,000rpm. All basic engine components and specifications are accurately modeled, including bore, stroke, 1-to-12 cylinders, a wide range of cylinderheads and port configurations, valve sizes, compression ratios, naturally-aspirated and forced-induction systems, airflow, exhaust systems, and virtually any camshaft timing or valve lift. American and Metric units are supported, and conversion between unit systems is fast and easy. Advanced functionality includes manual entry of cylinderhead flow data to permit testing any cylinderhead and port configuration. Roots and centrifugal supercharging, turbocharging, intercoolers, a variety of fuels (gasoline, methanol, ethanol, propane, LNG, etc.) and nitrous-oxide injection are all supported.

Users Manual: The Dyno2000 is supplied with a 90-page, full-color, on-disk Users Manual (directly available from the Help menu in the Dyno2000) that details the features of this comprehensive engine simulation.

Requirements: The Dyno2000 runs on any Windows95/98+ or WindowsNT (NT v4.0 or later with service pack 4 or later recommended) equipped IBM-compatible PC with at least 16MBytes of RAM Memory. A basic VGA video system is required (minimum 640 x 480 (800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 recommended). A CD-ROM is also required. A complete Dyno2000 install requires 120MBytes of disk space (a 30MByte Compact install option is also available).

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Mr. Gasket DeskTop DragStrip

The DeskTop DragStrip is the first easy-to-use simulation that accurately predicts mile-per-hour and elapsed-times for any 1/4- and 1/8-mile drag racing vehicle. Using simple, pull-down menus build any imaginable combination of chassis, engine (even test engines from Mr. Gasket DeskTop engine simulations), driveline, gear ratios, tires and wheels, and weather conditions. Displays exact elapsed times for rollout, 60 feet, 330 feet, 660 feet, 1000 feet, and 1/4-mile; all without spending a dime on parts! Order your DeskTop DragStrip today!

The DragStrip Is Packed With Features. Check Out This Partial List:

Design, Build, And Test Any Drag Vehicle In Seconds

Simulates Automobiles, Dragsters, and Motorcycles

Instantly See The Potential Of Any Component Combination

Display & Print Vehicle Performance Data

Run Back-To-Back Tests And Find The Right Combination

Test Drivelines, Gear Ratios, Tires, Wheels, And Much More!

Easy-To-Use, Self-Checking Interface


Tune These Key Vehicle Components:

Any Engine Power Curve

Reads DeskTop Dyno Engine Files

Even Use Jet/Rocket Propulsion

1- to 6-Speed Transmissions

Clutch Or Torque Converter

Any Trans Or Rear-Axle Ratios

Any Motorcycle Primary Ratio

Vehicle Weight, % On Driving Wheels, Wheelbase

Frontal Area, Aero Drag, Driving Tire Width

Static And Tire Growth Diameters

Traction, Launch, Shift, and Redline Rpm

Shift Times

Rollout Staging Distance

Temperature, Humidity, Wind, & Elevation

The DeskTop DragStrip will help you find the best combination of driveline, gear ratios, tires and wheels, and weather conditions, and more for any 1/4- and 1/8-mile drag racing vehicle.

Easy-to-use, accurate, and fun, the DragStrip lets you build any imaginable vehicle setup, including cars, dragsters, and motorcycles (and you can load and test engines you've built in any Mr. Gasket DeskTop engine simulation). Then simply press the "DRAG" button to begin an comprehensive simulation that graphs vehicle performance, inch-by-inch, throughout the entire race. The display looks like data from a professional data-acquisition system! Also displays exact elapsed times for rollout, 60 feet, 330 feet, 660 feet, 1000 feet, and 1/4-mile. ET's and speeds can be compared to previous runs to zero-in on the best component combinations; all without spending a dime on parts! 

Compatibility: And now you can load DeskTop DragStrip vehicle files into the Full Throttle Reaction Timer to practice launching and shifting your favorite 1/4-mile vehicle. Test and build your reaction times, shifting precision, even practice top-end tactics in handicap events! Using any DeskTop engine simulation along with the DragStrip and Full Throttle, you can start from a basic engine and driveline buildup, and eventually "drive up" to the starting line without leaving your PC!

Technical: This sophisticated software precisely simulates the complex physics of 1/8- and 1/4-mile drag racing, including the incredible range of forces that act on automobiles, dragsters, or motorcycles at the starting line. But you can leave your physics books on the shelf, because the Motion-PC DragStrip makes racing simulation as easy as 1, 2, 3. Pull-down menus allow you to select any engine power curve (also reads Motion Dyno engine files). You can even install jet or rocket power! Choose from automatic or manual transmissions, set your torque converter stall-speed and/or launch rpms, shift rpms, any gear ratios, any number of gears, any rear-axle ratio, vehicle weight, wheelbase, front- or rear-wheel drive, frontal area, Aero drag, tire width, rollout distance, ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed, and much more! Internal "watchdogs" eliminate conflicting choices (like identical redline and shift rpms), ensuring accurate performance predictions. Graphic screen simulates a professional data-acquisition display.

Users Manual: The DeskTop DragStrip is supplied with a printed Users Manual that details the features of this comprehensive vehicle simulation. If you wish, you can download a copy of this manual to review the capabilities of this software before you buy!

Requirements: The DeskTop DragStrip v.2.8.7 runs on any IBM-compatible PC computer with DOS 5.0+, Windows3.x, WindowsNT, or Windows95/98. Standard VGA or better graphics is required. Mouse not required but makes program operation easier. Compatible with DeskTop Dyno, DynoSE, Dyno2000 and Full Throttle simulations.

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Mr. Gasket Desktop Full Throttle Reaction Timer

Whether you’re a "bench racer" or a seasoned professional, DeskTop Full Throttle is a fun-to-use program that will measure and fine-tune the skills you need to be a consistent quarter-mile drag-race winner. You’ll have a blast racing by yourself, with your friends, or against the computer using any of the built-in skill levels. You can even import and practice shifting vehicles you’ve designed in the DeskTop DragStrip or Drag2000 simulations. This is simply the best, most full-featured drag-racing trainer on the market! 

The DeskTop Full Throttle Offers Both Starting-Line And Full Track Modes.

Starting Line Simulation:

QuickStart Helps You Get Racing Fast!

Left Lane, Right Lane, or Random Lane Scenarios

Use Any Vehicle Or Enter Your Own Vehicle Specs

Race Simulated Vehicles From DeskTop DragStrip Or Drag2000

Pro and Full Trees with 0.500 or 0.400 Lights

Race With or Without A Delay Box

Delay-Box Calculator Determines Red-Light Risk

Random Events Simulate Real World

Shows On-Screen Tree, Tachs, And Shift Lights

Race Alone, With Friends, Against The Computer

Full Race-Track Simulation:

Choose Lanes Or Use Random Selection

"Heads Up" or Handicap Racing

Any Cars Can Be Human Or Computer Driven

Computer Skill Level Is Selectable

Programmable Random Events During Racing

Practice Bracket-Racing, Top-End Tactics

Accurate Analysis Of Driver Skill

Simulates Any Racing Scenario, Never Boring!

Runs On Any 486DX-66 Or Faster IBM Compatible PC

Quality/Features Blows The Competition Away!

Full Throttle incorporates an absolutely accurate "Christmas Tree" starting-line simulation (±0.0005-second). But this full-featured software doesn’t stop with heads-up and handicap starting-line practice. Full Throttle also includes a full-track mode that allows any individual or group to practice shifting skills and even develop top-end tactics used in bracket racing.

Full Throttle also offers a completely unique red-light Risk Calculator and Delay-Box Programmer. And Full Throttle records all your reaction times (starting line, shifting, wins, red-lights, etc.) providing a detailed analysis of current and changing skill levels.

Have hours of fun and improve your racing skills. Full Throttle turns any IBM-compatible PC into an accurate starting-line/drag-strip simulation.

Technical: Full Throttle allows you to select either or both Starting-Line and Full-Track simulations.Here are the details:

Starting Line Simulation:  The Starting-Line mode is the most basic. It allows anyone to test and improve their reaction times using various "Christmas tree" scenarios. After entering driver and vehicle configurations, Full Throttle displays tachometers for both drivers and a starting-line "tree." Various timing statistics are displayed (including delay box settings, if used), and the driver’s names and lane choices are clearly marked. After carefully staging, you can "launch" your vehicle (in either lane) by yourself or side-by-side with a friend or computer-generated competitor using a Full or Pro tree. Your reaction times are accurately recorded to within one ten-thousandth of a second!

Full Track Simulation: This mode adds the challenge of shifting and reacting to top-end, car-to-car positions throughout the full quarter mile. During a full race, a "top-down" view of the race track indicates the progress of each vehicle. Also included is a precise relative-position indicator (simulates the driver's peripheral vision of his competition) showing the exact position between vehicles throughout the race. The drivers are evaluated not only for their starting-line reaction times, but also for how precisely they shift in response to an on-screen tach and shift light. At the press of a key, Full Throttle will display a complete record of each driver's cumulative statistics.

And Much More: A QuickStart feature gets you racing fast! Run with or without a delay box. Includes a unique Delay-Box Calculator that instantly determines your red-light risk for any delay-box setting! Full Throttle will read DeskTop DragStrip and Drag2000 vehicle files, allowing "on-track" simulation of any vehicle combination. Competitors can select vehicles or enter their own combinations. Full Throttle can also generate variations for ET, rollout, and even make random lane selections, if desired.

Users Manual: The DeskTop Full Throttle is supplied with a printed Users Manual that details the features of this comprehensive race-track simulation. If you wish, you can download a copy of this manual to review the capabilities of this software before you buy!

Requirements: The DeskTop Full Throttle Reaction Timer runs on all 486DX-66 or faster IBM-compatible PC computers under DOS 5.0+ or Windows95/98. VGA or better graphics is required. Keyboard is used to simulate throttle, braking, and shifting. Mouse is not required but makes program operation easier.

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